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Frequently asked questions

Hosting is your files and any kind of information access throw the web page it’s hosted in a server. Web Host is you can access your files at any time, anywhere all over the world with accessing the internet and accessing with some of the web technologies.

Web Hosting mainly as three types of hosting Dedicated Hosting, VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting, Shared Hosting.
Shared Hosting is share the server to multiple websites,it’s mostly used for small website’s, it’s low cost but if your website heavy traffic or more space you can use VPS or Dedicated Hosting.
VPS Hosting means Virtual Private(VPS) Server hosting, this is same as act like a Dedicated server, One server can divided as multiple VPS servers, VPS Server its own Operating System, Bandwidth, Disk Space.
Dedicated Hosting is dedicatedly one server using to one organization or website, your website has a high volume traffic or needs a custom disk space and bandwidth you can choose to Dedicated Hosting service.
Three is hosting in servers only but Dedicated Server using high volume traffic websites, need more disk space and specially used for large e-commerce websites, the VPS(Virtual Private Server) it’s also same like dedicated hosting but it’s using own operating system for every VPS Server it’s used for secure websites, Shared Hosting is used for simple and small websites shared in one server so it’s low-cost hosting example college, small business websites.
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